Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Church – Under The Milky Way (album: Starfish 1988)

This song is by the Aussie alternative rock band The Church. I love
this song very much, calms me down every time I listen to it. What a great song! The bagpipes solo is just a brilliant idea and it makes this song even more special. Although this song talks about a music venue in Amsterdam there are some references to love and longing for someone “wish I knew what you were looking for, Might have known what you would find...”
Speaking of music venue, When my Hubby and I were dating he used to take me to a pub called “Animal Farm” that had live shows with a lot of famous people. It was such an amazing experience! We would have a few drinks and watch a good rock show. I’m not sure if this pub exists anymore it was many years ago. Anyway, check out this wonderful song...

Link to the song: Under The Milky Way The Church

Lyrics: Under The Milky Way Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Under the Milky Way" was written by the band's vocalist and bassist, Steve Kilbey, and his then-girlfriend Karin Jansson. According to a press release issued with Starfish, the song was written about an Amsterdam music and cultural venue called Melkweg (Dutch for "Milky Way"), which Kilbey used to visit frequent. (Wikipedia – Under The Milky Way).

Band’s Official Website: The Church

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Church

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