Monday, March 21, 2011

Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me (album: The Man Who 1999)

This song is by Travis. Some people confuse them with Coldplay. Maybe it’s because their lead singers have similar voices and they pretty much look the same. This album had a few hits and their songs were played on the radio all the time. I never get tired of this song. I can always relate to it whenever things go wrong in my life, even little things. This song definitely talks about bad karma.

I have quite a funny story about bad Karma. When I was a teenager, I was quite naughty and I did a lot of crazy shit. When I was maybe 16, my friends and I went to a 3 days music festival in a city that was about an hour from where I lived. We arrived to the festival a day before. We met some other local crazy kids and we all hanged around. I don’t really remember where we slept; I think we just stayed awake the entire night. Next to the festival area there was a zoo and some restaurants. One of the restaurants had a window that was left open. The kids that we just met showed us a way to break into the restaurant and steal some drinks and ice creams. We stayed awake all night breaking in and out and stealing ice creams from the restaurant. At some point we got really bored so we decided to break into the zoo. We had to climb this huge fence and then we just walked around the cages. It was quite scary and fascinating at the same time, seeing all the animals in the dark. Anyway, the day after the festival started. My friend and I didn’t have any cigarettes or food. So we approached people asking for cigarettes and money, in return we gave people a “tip” about that free food restaurant. 10 minutes after, half of the teenagers in the festival were breaking into the restaurant. Of course because it looked very suspicious at some point the police arrived and they caught two teenagers. The story was on the newspaper and when my friends and I heard about it we couldn’t stop laughing. We were so lucky not be caught and at the same time we ate, drank, smoked all for free. It was quite funny although I feel sorry for the people that got caught, definitely bad karma! Check out this cool song...

Link to the song: Why does it always rain on me - Travis

Lyrics: Why does it always rain on me

What’s this song about?
Here are some theories from Songfacts website:
“Lead Singer Fran Healy wrote the song while on holiday in Israel. He wanted to go somewhere sunny because in his hometown of Glasgow it rained all the time. In an interview at the live 8 concert, he explained that he was spending a short holiday in the southern vacation city Eilat in the middle of the winter. The city is known for its hot weather even during winter time but surprisingly it began to rain for two days during his stay.”

Band’s Official Website: Travis

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Travis

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