Monday, January 10, 2011

Staind – Outside (album: break the cycle 2001)

This song is by Staind. They are currently my favourite group. Aaron Lewis is a pure talent and in my opinion he is the best vocalist in the music industry, he even tops the legendry Eddie Vedder .
My dear hubby discovered them listening to the radio when they just released their two hit singles “It’s been awhile” and “outside” back in 2001.

Link to the song: outside staind

Video clip:

Lyrics: outside lyrics

1999 Family Values Tour:

Band official website: Staind

What’s the story behind the song?
"Outside" was originally performed live during the 1999 Family Values Tour in Biloxi, Mississippi, with Aaron Lewis (vocals/guitar) on the stage by himself and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst providing backing vocals. Lewis was asked to perform a song solo and he decided at the last moment to play a song he had been working on since the early days of Staind. He finished the lyrics to "Outside" on the spot while singing the song live.
"It's really an accidental phenomenon," Lewis explains. "I've been playing it for quite some time. In the early days of the band, any money we made went back into the band, so two or three times a week I played acoustically to make money to live off. 'Outside' was one of the songs I played, but it wasn't really finished, so I made up different words every time. We almost put it on Dysfunction. Then, one night on the Family Values Tour, ten minutes before going onstage, we decided to do it. There was never any thought of releasing it this way."(Wikipedia-outside)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Staind 

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