Monday, February 21, 2011

Muse – Time is Running Out (album: Absolution 2003)

This song is by Muse. What an awesome band!!! I have a whole lot of respect for these three boys. What an awesome drummer and the Lead Singer Matthew Bellamy Is unbelievably talented!!! My hubby and I went to see their Concert in Brisbane. He got us tickets for the stalls area next to the stage. We enjoyed it so much. One of the best concerts I’ve seen so far. They were definitely worth standing for...

Sounds to me like this song is about an obsessive relationship. He knows she is sucking the life out of him but he still can’t give her up. I had a friend like that, I knew she wasn’t good for me but because she was a childhood friend I wasn’t ready to let go. Anyway she is long gone now. This is another one of my life motto’s, It is better to be surrounded by a just few people that really care and love you than to be around many people that causing you grieve. That’s the reason why I think Facebook is stupid. I don’t understand the purpose of keeping in touch with strangers that you don’t really care about. Anyway each to their own, it’s not my place to judge anyone.
I think this is one of their best songs, check it out...

Link to the song: Time is Running Out Muse

Lyrics: Time is Running Out Lyrics

What’s this song about?
The song is about the emotion of a person during the last moments of the person's life, which by Bellamy's account can be applied to "society, a relationship, your religion or whatever". (Musewiki website)

Band’s Official Website: Muse

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Muse

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