Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grinspoon – Lost Control (album: New Detention 2002)

This next song is by the Aussie band Grinspoon. They are very cool band and I love this song very much. This album was criticised by many fans in Australia since it was more commercialised and more mainstream music. I think it’s an awesome album.

This song is about the struggle of making it as a Rock n’ Roll band in today’s music industry. The music taste changed completely and it is really hard to get famous playing rock music. Today it’s mostly about the looks and less about the music and most kids are exposed to a really shitty music that focuses on fashion and not on sounds and instruments anymore. I know if I’ll have kids one day , the first thing I’ll do is take out all my records and start feeding them rock in an early age so they won’t be affected by today’s crap called music. Check out this very cool song...

Link to the song: Lost Control Grinspoon

Lyrics: Lost Control Lyrics

The story behind the album cover: 
The original cover featured a target range over a classroom with empty desks, which was misinterpreted by some as promoting terrorism. However, the photo had to be changed due to copyright issues as the band had unknowingly only licensed the photo for 5000 copies, as the album had sold many more copies than that. Complaints to Universal Records and Grinspoon about the terrorism misinterpretation and the copyright issues led the artwork to be changed for the re-release. The album was re-released with a changed cover, featuring the band in green. (Wikipedia - New Detention)

Band’s Official Website: Grinspoon

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Grinspoon

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