Friday, February 11, 2011

Suede – Trash (album: Coming Up 1996)

This song is by Suede. I used to listen to them during my alternative rock period. They have great songs. Their lead singer Brett Anderson sometimes annoys me with his squeaky voice in some of the songs. Overall they are really good.
This song is about being different and accepting who you are, be whatever you decide to be and stop caring about what other people think of you, something that most of us, including myself should work on every single day. It's a Very important message from Brett. Check out this beautiful song...

Link to the song: Trash Suede

Lyrics: Trash Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Various meanings have been determined from the song, but the main themes seem to be about 'outsiders', being different but living well with it. Anderson also described it as the soundtrack to his life, saying "It's about believing in the romance of the everyday." In a interview in late 2009, for the SkyArts' Songbook series, Anderson said about the song:
"I actually wrote it about the band Suede. It's a celebration of the band, but by extension, it's a celebration of the fans as well. And it was a kind of a song written about us, as a gang, it was written about the values we stood for. And even though it sounds like a love song, it was actually about the idea of the identity of the band, and what they stood for." (Wikipedia – Trash)

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