Friday, February 25, 2011

The Smiths – Unhappy Birthday (album: Strangeways, Here We Come 1987)

Today it’s my B-Day! Yay!  Happy Birthday to Me ;) I had to find a B-Day song for myself. The best B-Day song that I could think of is by The Smiths. It is quite a vicious birthday song but it cracks me up! Check out this awesome song and the link to my previous post about The Smiths.

“I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday, I’ve come to wish you an unhappy Birthday cause your evil and you lie and if you should die, I may feel slightly sad but I won’t cry...”  I always wanted to dedicate it to someone but I never found the right person, feel free to use it on someone.

Lyrics: Unhappy Birthday Lyrics

Link to my previous post on The Smiths - 31/01/11

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