Thursday, February 17, 2011

Evermore – It’s too late (album: Dreams 2004)

This next song is by the Kiwi band evermore.  The band consists of 3 very talented brothers. The first time I’ve listened to them is when my hubby came back from his first visit in Australia with lots of Aussie bands. I really liked that song and I listened to it all the time until I’ve memorised all the words. It’s an awesome song!!! I can’t believe how young they were, it’s shocking!!!

Sounds to me that this song is about trying to forget a really traumatic experience in your life and move on. I guess everyone has at least one embarrassing moment or some kind of bad memory that will stay with you forever and maybe one day will become a funny story to share with your mates.

BTW – have you noticed the playlist that I’ve added to my blog, I’m going to add many songs to it, hopefully you will find songs that you like.
 Check out this magical song...

Link to the song: It's Too Late Evermore

Lyrics: It's Too Late Lyrics

Band’s background & name origin:
Evermore consists of brothers Jon, Peter, and Dann. Jon was born in Australia, while Peter and Dann were born in New Zealand. The three were raised and home-schooled in Feilding, Manawatu. The brothers were introduced to music at a young age by their parents, and frequently listened to their record collection. The name "Evermore" was taken from the Led Zeppelin song "The Battle of Evermore" in 1999. Jon says the trio's parents were highly supportive of them taking up music, stating "they always wanted us to do something creative...Nothing was too risky." (Wikipedia – Evermore)

Band’s official website: Evermore

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Evermore

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