Friday, February 17, 2012

The Doors – The Crystal Ship (album: The Doors 1967)

This is another song by The Doors. I just finished watching an incredible documentary movie about The Doors called “when you’re strange” that tells the true story of The Doors and presents a rare footage from a short film that was filmed by Morrison himself. It really explains all his erratic behavior and all the events that led to his death. It also presents the rest of the band members and their role in the band and in Morrison’s life. It is very interesting movie and it shows a lot of footage from their concerts including the nude incident. It covers the entire active period of the band. I really recommend watching this great movie. It was great fun to listen to all of their greatest hits again. It’s been awhile since I’ve last listened to The Doors. I was a huge fan of the band back when I was a teenager, I even made a shrine for Morrison and I was quite lucky to visit his grave in Paris 12 years ago. Anyway , this is the last song that was played in the movie and one of my favourites.

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Lyrics: The Crystal Ship

What’s this song about?

It has been suggested that the inspiration for the "crystal ship" image may refer to Platform Holly, an oil rig off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, which glitters like a crystal ship when lit up at night and Jim Morrison was inspired by it one night on the beach. (Wikipedia – The Crystal Ship)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Staind - Tangled Up In You (album: The Illusion of Progress 2008)

This is another great song by Staind! The perfect Valentine’s Day song! This is for my Hubby. I hope he likes it. It might be too mushy for him to handle…it’s the only song that really describes how I feel about him.

It’s about time I’ll tell you about my surprise wedding. Yep I didn’t know I was getting married! My hubby and I have been together for many years and one day he has decided that it’s time to do the right thing by our parents and get married. So instead of proposing in the normal cheesy way he told me in front of a few friends that he will never marry me! of course I got offended a little bit but I thought it through and I’ve decided this piece of paper doesn’t mean anything anyway and as long as we are happy and wake up every day next to each other then It’s really fine. I was pretty sure our parents will be disappointed but you can’t keep everyone happy all the time.

 Anyway Behind the scenes he was planning a surprise wedding for me! First he was planning to get married overseas with our family and friends. But things didn’t work out the way he planned and he had some difficulties. Basically no one agreed to marry us before I complete a woman seminar with a rabbi, some ridicules religion thing. So he had to change his plans. He decided that first we are going to get married with a celebrant in Australia and then he can surprise me with a big wedding overseas. So he told me that he wants to surprise the parents and get married in Australia and then visit everyone overseas. I was very shocked that he changed his mind and he wanted to get married. Then we arranged a quick nice ceremony in Sydney. A month after we were heading overseas.  when we were on the plane he mentioned to me that today he wants to see all our friends and family. I got really upset because I couldn’t understand how we going to see so many people in one day. I was also really concerned about our parents’ reaction to our wedding without them in Australia. I was also struggling to decide which of the parents we should surprise first. As we walked towards the arrivals section at the airport all our family and our friend from Australia was waiting for us. they were all wearing T-Shirts with our names and photo which said that we are getting married father handed me our wedding invitation which was designed by my Hubby and it said that it’s a surprise wedding and the bride doesn’t know. I was told that today I was getting married! We had two wedding photographers that were waiting for us and took a video of my reaction! I was so confused I was ready to go back to the plane! It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. Pure adrenalin, I was stocked! Every time I think about it I can still feel the excitement that I had on that day. Anyway, I was sent to a beauty salon and picked up a beautiful dress that was chosen by my Mum. My Hubby went to buy himself a suit and from there we got to the venue which was absolutely stunning! If I had to plan my own wedding I could never even dream about a venue as beautiful as this. as we were walking down the aisle our song "so far away" by Staind was playing in the background.that was probably one of my favourite moments on that day. Everything was perfect. We had around 200 or even more people at our wedding. It was like a fairy tale, I could never even dare dreaming about a wedding like this. It was absolutely perfect! I wish we can do it all over again. I cannot believe how he managed to trick me and keep everything a secret for such a long period and arrange all of this. He had the help of our parents and both of our sisters.  everything was just amazing and I feel like I can never thank him enough for the most amazing day of my life. I always knew that he is not the typical guy and he is very creative and everything about him is quite different and he doesn’t like the boring routine stuff but you have to be completely mad in your head to come up with such a crazy unheard of idea! back to the song...My love, this song is for you. I hope you enjoy it and I hope we will continue to celebrate our love every single day…

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fire – Kasabian (album: West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum 2009)

This song is by the English group Kasabian.We have rocked to this song last night at the Big Day Out in the Gold Coast while waiting for Soundgarden to go on stage. It’s quite an awesome song!

So anyway, back to the Big Day out event. The main reason I wanted to go to this Festival is to see Soundgarden. I have never seen them perform live and I got really excited about their recent reunion and the fact that they are working on a new album. I was a big fan back when I was 16 and I was looking forward to have another one of my teenager dreams come true, I’ve got quite a long list of bands and Soundgarden was sure one of them. But as usual Great expectations lead to a big disappointment. Quite ironically, Soungarden had major sound issues; all we could hear is a lot of bass noises, no sounds of guitars and really high pitch sounds from Chris Cornell’s behalf. They sounded like a really bad death metal band or something like that. It was quite a disaster. I couldn’t even recognize the songs; I was trying to guess what they were playing. It was just horrible. I read in “” that Kenya West had something to do with this mess since he was testing his equipment in the next door stage. I’m pretty sure the main reason for this kerfuffle is a really bad soundman! He did such a lousy sound job it was just too painful, so we have decided to leave the premises just when they started playing “Fell on Black Days”. We sure fell on a black Soundgarden day!  Both my Hubby and I learned a very important lesson from this experience. It is a waste of time to see a band you really like in a Festival. If you want to see your band playing, go to their concert!

My Hubby did mention the great time we had recently on the Chris Cornell "Songbook" acoustic concert which instantly made me feel much better!

Overall, I had such a good time in the Festival. We all rocked to “Hilltop Hoods” and “Drapht” which is not my type of music but both bands gave quite a show and it was fun dancing to their songs. We all rested when “The Living End” was playing in the background and their performance was very impressive as well. Such smooth guitar riffs, how wonderful it was to listen to them. Rock music in its purest form! We continued resting while “My Chemical Romance” was on, they also had some sounds issues but it was nothing in compression to the “Soundgarden” disaster. My Hubby made a good point when he said that all Aussie bands sounded really good and the foreign bands had sounds issues. God of music must be Aussie!

I’ve learned another lesson from this festival, I’ve learned that the most important thing about Music Festival is the people that you are with, and I definitely had the best company last night. A big thank to my Hubby for arranging everything and spoiling us with another great festival .Thank you Cand for coming with ,even though it’s not your kind of scene and it was very “uncomfortable”, you are a good friend!  I think you’ll make a great soldier one day!  Thank you UV for being fun to be around and putting up with Cand’s constant complaining! Seeing you two dancing in the rain was quite a memorable sight! Oh and thank you guys for leaving “Drapht” concert early to make it on time for “Soundgarden”. I hope I didn’t ruin your night with my nagging! Back to the song, hope you enjoy it !

Lyrics: Fire

Info about the band: Kasabian

Monday, January 9, 2012

Country Song – Seether (album: Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray 2011)

This song is from Seether’s latest album. I wasn’t really impressed with this song when it was first released but my Hubby liked it and I might say it grew on me. Also the video clip is hilarious. The new album “Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray” is quite different from all of their previous albums. There are a few really good songs and there are some really bad ones. Overall it sounds more like Nickelback and not at all like Seether. The song “Tonight” is the perfect example for it.  What a horrible song, such a disappointment. In some of the songs Shaun Morgan sounds exactly like Chad Kroeger which is not a bad thing at all, it’s just really confusing. Anyway, I’ve decided to support them and purchase the album and enjoy a few of the songs in it. Hopefully their future albums will sound more like the good old Seether days back in “Disclaimer” and “Karma and Effect”.
My Hubby and I have been following the Sci-Fi TV show Eureka. It is quite an interesting show about a town that is full with mad scientists that invent really advanced technologies and about a normal ordinary sheriff that has to deal with all these science experiments that had gone wrong. It’s quite entertaining. The first two seasons were great, the third season was OK and the forth went completely wrong. From some reason they got rid of too many important characters and it became more like a really bad soap opera then a Sci-Fi show. I definitely recommend watching the first three seasons. Even though I didn’t understand half of the stuff that they were saying in this show, I enjoyed the dynamic between all the characters and the chaotic situations that they are dealing with. It’s quite a fun show.  Back to the song, I hope you enjoy the best video clip I’ve seen in a long time. It’s really funny.

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Lyrics: Country Song

What’s this song about?

According to frontman Shaun Morgan, the track's title "got its name from the swampy verse riff". On the band's official message board, Morgan explained the track's background, saying "in some ways I guess I was dealing with growing up and having to make better life choices. It's definitely not country, but we recorded the album in Nashville, and felt like it was a small homage to such a wonderful city."(Country Song – Wikipedia)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Irresistible Force – Jane’s Addiction (album: The Great Escape Artist 2011)

This next song is from Jane’s Addiction new album The Great Escape Artist which is really wonderful. My Hubby loves it as well. I recently purchased the album and I must say, it took them eight years to release it but it was absolutely worth waiting for. The album is a combination of the good old Jane’s Addiction sounds with some electronic music and it is simply excellent. They've made a good use of today’s technology and still remained true to their music genre.

According to Perry the song is about a combination of the big bang theory and the Old Testament and the male-female act of cosmic love. Interesting concept, I don’t really understand the big bang theory and I don’t really care how we got here. The most important thing is that we are here to stay, at least for now. Speaking of cosmic things, on the 31/12/11 my Hubby and I sat outside our balcony on the 27th floor and we had the most divine experience  with a pelican that flew right above our heads. He flew so close to us that we can almost touch his beautiful wings. It was so breathtaking. We both agreed that it’s a great start for a new year. I love birds, especially pelicans. They are my favourite bird. They are such noble creatures. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Jane’s Addiction's ode to nature.

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Lyrics: Irresistible Force

What’s this song about?

This is a comment by Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction website:

“Many of you love the song Irresistible Force. You've asked me what the lyrics were about. Usually I wouldn't discuss it- I'd prefer to leave it up to the interpretation of the listener. For who likes to be given answers to a puzzle? Right? The fun runs out. However, there have been several misinterpretations given out by the press, and as the author, I do wish to clarify. The song is really a love story, and a theory on creation. Combining the science of the big bang, and the theology of the Old Testament. Adding the notion that it was in fact a conscious male-to-female act of cosmic love. I know of no life that was ever created without male-female union. A sexual explosion caused the creation of our galaxy, and all earthly life. We- in both his and hers image- continue this process. The line "We've become a big business" has nothing to do with Jane's Addiction- but speaks about God and his bride. "A galaxy merger. Two of us a big bang!" A true romance in the cosmos...”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Seeker – The Who (album: Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy 1971)

This is a wonderful song by The Who. This song takes you straight to the 70’s era. You can feel the crazy wonderful atmosphere in every guitar riff. This song makes me really happy.

The first time I’ve heard this song was when I watched “American Beauty”. I watched this movie a few times and last night was one of those times. It is such a great movie. I can definitely relate to it these days. as I’ve mentioned already I have quit my job recently and I just walked out of the door the day I’ve resigned and didn’t even give them the 2 weeks’ notice. They sure didn’t deserve that! I’ve decided that from now on I’ll start listening to the voices in my head that tell me to do only things that make me happy as I always did when I was growing up. Somewhere along the line I’ve lost touch with the rebelling teenager in me that played a great role in my life. I’m definitely not going through midlife crisis or anything like that. It’s all about looking back on your life and knowing that you have made the right choices. I choose to experience more than just a few moments of happiness in one day, I want it all and I wanted now! Besides happiness is my true nature and you cannot argue with nature! I hope you enjoy this really cool song as much as I do…

Lyrics: The Seeker

Info about the band: The Who

What’s this song about?

Around the time of song's release, Townshend explained its meaning in an interview with Rolling Stone: "Quite loosely, "The Seeker" was just a thing about what I call Divine Desperation, or just Desperation. And what it does to people. It just kind of covers a whole area where the guy's being fantastically tough and ruthlessly nasty and he's being incredibly selfish and he's hurting people, wrecking people's homes, abusing his heroes, he's accusing everyone of doing nothing for him and yet at the same time he's making a fairly valid statement, he's getting nowhere, he's doing nothing and the only thing he really can't be sure of is his death, and that at least dead, he's going to get what he wants. He thinks!”(Wikipedia – The Seeker)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust (Singles Soundtrack 1992)

This is a great Pearl Jam song from the “Singles” soundtrack. It is one of the best movie soundtracks I’ve ever listened to.

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted …sounds like the beginning of a creepy confession. Forgive me rock music for I have sinned… lately I have been too busy with work, house chores and a lot of guitar practice. I got rid of the horrible draining job, the house is tidy enough and my guitar still has 6 perfect strings. Now it’s time to listen to some wonderful relaxing music.

I had quit my job a week ago and I’m looking forward to start a new career, I’ve abounded the finance industry for good or at least this is how feel right now. I’m hoping that this time I won’t be scared to invent myself and find new passions, it is scary but as my Hubby says it’s the greatest point in your life, endless possibilities. Luckily he is very supportive. Since I am a little confused and clueless he is helping me figure out what I want. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do but I know what I don’t want to do and that’s a start. I thought this song is quite suitable for this point in my life  and I listen for the voice inside my head nothin', I'll do this one myself” … great song from  the good old Vedder’s days…

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Lyrics: State of Love and Trust

What’s this song is about?

According to Ament, the lyrics for "State of Love and Trust" are based on what Vedder took from watching the film, and added, "I think he probably took a heavier angle on what the movie was about than a lot of people will, but that's Eddie, which is a beautiful thing." According to Cameron Crowe, director of Singles, the song is "about battling with your instincts in love." Before a performance of the song at Pearl Jam's September 8, 1998 show in East Rutherford, New Jersey at Continental Airlines Arena, Vedder introduced it as "a song about being faithful."(State of love and trust – Wikipedia)[

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking Benjamin – Give Me a Sign (album: Dear Agony 2010)

This song is by Breaking Benjamin. I never get sick of this song, the music is just awesome ! I’m not really sure what this song is about, sounds like it’s about failed relationship again…

It’s been 10 days since I’ve last posted; I’ve been really busy with work and practicing the guitar. My Hubby and I and our friends that moved with us to Qld all went for a visit in Sydney this weekend. We’ve met with all our friends; we spent most of our time eating meeting friends at the different restaurants.  My Hubby and our friend were invited to a bucks night and they had a really good time , my Hubby told me all about the stripers , luckily he wasn’t that impressed . he wasn’t sure of the gender of the main stripper, he showed me a photo and I must say she does look like a man with boobs!  While he was partying with a bunch of guys , I’ve met with the girls and we had a nice time , we went  out for dinner and later on went to a new pub and had a drink. One of our friend’s in Sydney told us at dinner that he wrote a song , he was listening to the crappy music on the radio and he realized that he could do much better, since he’s obviously not that busy at work or not that interested , he wrote some wonderful lyrics for a song that he intended to be a techno song. My Hubby and I mentioned to him that we sometimes work on our music , I usually sing and my Hubby composes the music, we both built the structure of the song but mostly it is done by my Hubby since he is very experienced and much more creative then I am. Anyway , we asked our friend to send us the lyrics so we can work on the music. The lyrics are just amazing! This is exactly what we were missing , good lyrics. So these days we are working on a techno version of this song , my Hubby has a really good idea in his head and we are now in the process of creating this beautiful song. I’ve already finished singing it and now my Hubby doing his magic on his music programs. I can’t wait to listen to the finished song. Our dear friends and neighbors are going to contribute to this song as well and it’s going to be a massive project. We are also planning on making a rock version to it which I’m quite excited about since I really want to play the guitar and I love singing rock music. It makes me feel like a real rock star and you never know , we might get famous one day…hopefully I’ll have a chance to post both versions on the song on my blog. In the meantime , I hope you enjoy this following song…

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Link to the song: Give me a sign Breaking Benjamin+

Lyrics: Give me a sign Lyrics

Monday, August 15, 2011

Anthrax – Misery Loves Company (album: State of Euphoria1988)

This song is by Anthrax. My Cousin was a big fan of Iron Maiden and Anthrax among and other heavy metal bands. That was the same period I’ve discovered Heavy Metal and I’ve collected a few different albums. I’ve purchased “State of Euphoria” and I’ve played it over and over again. I really liked this album even though it was quite heavy compare to the rest of the music I’ve listened to during that period.I was never much into speed metal. This is a great song. This song is based on Stephen King’s novel “Misery” I really liked the movie as well. It really scared back when I was a teenager.

t’s been a week since my last post. I’ve been really busy lately; my Hubby has been teaching me new things on the guitar. He composed a solo part for me to practice which is quite brilliant and I’m also practicing “Fade to Black” by Metallica. My favourite song of all times! I’m currently playing only a small part of it but it’s so complicated that I would need to practice each part separately if I want to master this song. It might take me awhile but it’s quite fun to practice and see the progress. I just love every minute of it. So I hope you enjoy this song that brings back wonderful memories from at least 20 years ago…

Lyrics: Misery Loves Company Lyrics

What’s this song about?

The song "Misery Loves Company" was based on the Stephen King novel Misery (Wikipedia – State of Euphoria)

Band’s Official Website: Anthrax

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Anthrax

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs – Every Day I Love You Less and Less (album: Employment 2005)

This is another song by Kaiser Chiefs. This song is quite vicious, it makes me laugh. I’m quite sad today so I thought this song will cheer me up little bit. 
My Hubby went on a snowboarding trip yesterday. he will be back in 3 days. It always makes me sad when he is away. I love hanging out with him every spare minute and from some reason he always likes to be away….hahahaha .We have just finished our little project for our nieces, we have made a song and a video with their photos for their upcoming B-Day’ turned out really good. Our families really liked it. Except for my parents, they didn’t show any enthusiasm about it. I got “it’s nice” which is good enough for me ;)  I’ve really enjoyed the process of recording the song and then working on the video. I felt like a real rock star during this period and it is quite mind blowing when you listen to your own creation and you actually enjoy was quite a hard work getting there. It’s quite magical though! It was awesome working on a song with my Hubby , he is quite a professional, he knows exactly what he’s doing and what to press to get the best sounds and the best effects. He also knows how to play all instruments which was quite helpful. Anyway I hope my hubby is having fun in the snow! Now back to my wicked song…

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Lyrics: Every day i love you less and less Lyrics