Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jane’s addiction – Three Days (album: Ritual de Habitual 1990)

Jane’s addiction is a great group I just love them so much, very unique style. They were supposed to perform in Sydney in July 2009, my dear hubby got us tickets and we both were very excited unfortunately it got cancelled due to the illness of the percussionist.
This is a 10 min song but it is one of their greatest masterpieces, awesome guitar work by Dave Navarro and great words. Overall the Ritual de Habitual album is amazing.

Link to the song: Three Days Jane's Addiction
Live performance video:

Band’s official website: Jane's Addiction

What’s this song about?
The song was inspired by Xiola Blue (Farrell’s ex-girlfriend), who came to Los Angeles for her father's funeral, and spent three days with Farrell and his girlfriend Casey Niccoli, spending their time together in a "haze of sex and drugs". Blue died of a heroin overdose in New York City in June, 1987. The song was written prior to her death.(wikipedia – Three Days).
Info about the band: Wikipedia - Jane's Addiction

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