Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pearl Jam – Even Flow (album: Ten 1991)

This next song is by Pearl Jam. As part of my obsession for Grunge bands during the 90’s I did a lot of research on Pearl Jam. I even made a shrine for Eddie Vedder and thought he was the god’s gift to all humanity, especially women!!! I love his voice so much!!! In other words, I have a lot of respect for this band. 4 years ago we went to see their concert in Sydney, I was very disappointed,  it was a very bad show. The following day Pearl Jam released an apology and explanation to the press , they have also promised to give a better show on their next gig ,I've heard they kept their promise and gave a wonderful show the night after.

Anyway check out this old and wonderful song...

Link to the song: Even Flow Pearl Jam

And now for the misheard lyrics version of another song (Yellow Ledbetter), so funny:

What’s this song about?
The stark lyrics by Vedder for "Even Flow" describe the experience of being a homeless man.The subject sleeps "on a pillow made of concrete" and pan handles passersby for spare change. In addition to being illiterate, he may also be mentally ill, as he "looks insane" when he smiles and struggles to keep coherent thoughts ("Even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies/Oh, he don't know, so he chases them away").
At Pearl Jam's March 28, 1994 concert in Miami, Florida at the Bayfront Amphitheater, Vedder introduced the song by saying, "I thought I'd throw in a bit of street education while you still have an open mind...Right across the street there's a little homeless community that lives under the bridge. You should just know that those people ain't all crazy and sometimes it's not their fault. This song is called 'Even Flow'." (Wikipedia – Even Flow)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Pearl Jam

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