Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking Benjamin – Give Me a Sign (album: Dear Agony 2010)

This song is by Breaking Benjamin. I never get sick of this song, the music is just awesome ! I’m not really sure what this song is about, sounds like it’s about failed relationship again…

It’s been 10 days since I’ve last posted; I’ve been really busy with work and practicing the guitar. My Hubby and I and our friends that moved with us to Qld all went for a visit in Sydney this weekend. We’ve met with all our friends; we spent most of our time eating meeting friends at the different restaurants.  My Hubby and our friend were invited to a bucks night and they had a really good time , my Hubby told me all about the stripers , luckily he wasn’t that impressed . he wasn’t sure of the gender of the main stripper, he showed me a photo and I must say she does look like a man with boobs!  While he was partying with a bunch of guys , I’ve met with the girls and we had a nice time , we went  out for dinner and later on went to a new pub and had a drink. One of our friend’s in Sydney told us at dinner that he wrote a song , he was listening to the crappy music on the radio and he realized that he could do much better, since he’s obviously not that busy at work or not that interested , he wrote some wonderful lyrics for a song that he intended to be a techno song. My Hubby and I mentioned to him that we sometimes work on our music , I usually sing and my Hubby composes the music, we both built the structure of the song but mostly it is done by my Hubby since he is very experienced and much more creative then I am. Anyway , we asked our friend to send us the lyrics so we can work on the music. The lyrics are just amazing! This is exactly what we were missing , good lyrics. So these days we are working on a techno version of this song , my Hubby has a really good idea in his head and we are now in the process of creating this beautiful song. I’ve already finished singing it and now my Hubby doing his magic on his music programs. I can’t wait to listen to the finished song. Our dear friends and neighbors are going to contribute to this song as well and it’s going to be a massive project. We are also planning on making a rock version to it which I’m quite excited about since I really want to play the guitar and I love singing rock music. It makes me feel like a real rock star and you never know , we might get famous one day…hopefully I’ll have a chance to post both versions on the song on my blog. In the meantime , I hope you enjoy this following song…

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  1. Breaking Benjamin's 'You' was so fucking brilliant, random lyrics, but brilliant music <3