Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seether – Never Leave (album: Karma and Effect 2004)

This is another song by Seether. It’s from my favourite Seether album. I love it very much , I listen to it over and over again. This is a great song, I’m actually learning to play it on my beautiful electric guitar. It’s quite hard!
My Hubby is on his way home, it’s been the longest 8 days ever! I’m so happy to see him again. He bought us an angry bird stuffed doll for our leaving room because I’ve asked for a stuffed doll from America; it will go well with the rest of our cushion collection! It’s definitely the right choice to get me the angry bird since I am myself kind of an angry bird; I’m quite a moody person .It doe’s spice up my life but make other people quite annoyed. Oh well no one’s perfect! Anyway I want my hubby back and I’m hoping that this is his last business trip without me, next time I’m definitely joining him. It’s just really boring without him and it’s no fun to play the guitar all by myself … so have a safe flight my love and I’ll see you soon. Check out another wonderful song by Seether.

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Lyrics: Never Leave Lyrics

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