Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pendulum – Witchcraft (album: Immersion 2010)

This song is by the Aussie Band Pendulum. My hubby loves them very much. They have such cool electronic rock music I enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy listening to The Prodigy, they sound pretty similar to me. I like this song very much. It’s very catchy and fun to listen to. I also like the lead singer’s voice. The music of this song goes so well with the lyrics so when I listen to it I feel like getting out and start running somewhere... maybe I should! This song definitely about a woman trapped in an abusive relationship."You gotta get out Go far away you gotta get out Come far away". Check out this awesome song.

Link to the song: Witchcraft Pendulum


Lyrics: Witchcraft Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Pendulum

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Pendulum

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