Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birds of Tokyo – Circles (album: Birds of Tokyo 2010)

This song is by Birds of Tokyo. I fell in love with it recently. Such great lyrics. These guys are pretty good with words! Ian Kenny is an unbelievable vocalist. The way he sings this song , you can feel the pain of the woman that is singing about. "I don't know which way I'm supposed to spin in this circle and I won't waste my time on your concern 'til it's over..."
This song is about feeling miserable in a relationship and struggling to find the strength to walk away. it's about making a tough decision while the future is unknown. I'm dedicating this song to my closest friend who recently got out of a circle and now building her life back and moving on. I think you are a very strong and brave woman and I'm really proud of you! I hope you find someone that makes you happy, understands and love you for who you are because you are so damn beautiful woman! check out my mushy song...

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Link to the song: circles Birds of Tokyo

Lyrics: Circles Lyrics

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