Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alter Bridge – Rise Today (album: Blackbird 2007)

This song is by Alter Bridge, This is such a cool song. This is one of their most famous songs, their lead singer Myles Kennedy is featured in Slash’s solo album. He sings “Back from Cali” which is a very good song as well.

This song is about making the world a better place. I don’t really have stories about saving babies from fire or world changing stories but I did have experiences that definitely changed my world. Two of my girlfriend’s and I were catching a ride with a truck driver from a city that was very far from where I lived. We had to get home as soon as possible since our parents were expecting us. What we didn’t know is that the truck driver was a complete nut case and he had a really bad day and wanted to torture us for it. We drove with him for about 4 hours and then he asked us to join him to a supermarket for unloading his merchandise. We agreed to join with a promise that he will drop us off straight after. When he got to the supermarket he had a huge fight with the owner of the supermarket and he started screaming and threatening to kill him. At this point we were very scared. He closed the truck door and he wouldn’t let us out. When he drove away we asked him to drop us off in the next intersection but he refused and said “you are not going anywhere…” he continued to a few different places and locked up the doors and we couldn’t go out , we also couldn’t speak to anyone because he was always around. At some point he got hungry and he made join him for lunch. Of course we couldn’t eat anything because we were terrified. The whole ride lasted about 8 hours. He stopped at 4 different places. Back then there were no mobile phones so we couldn’t phone anyone. At some point one of my girlfriends started panicking and couldn’t stop crying, she begged him to stop the truck and let us go. Eventually he did let us go. We hitchhiked our way home and we were pretty traumatized by this experience. We were very tired and very weak. This experience didn’t stop us from hitchhiking and I cannot say that this horrific experience was the last scary hitchhiking experience we had. We definitely haven’t learned anything from it. Because the next day we were lifting our hand again, and found ourselves in another phsyco’s car and that was the essence of my teenage years… check out this awesome song…

Link to the song: Alter Bridge – Rise Today

Lyrics: Rise Today Lyrics

What’s this song about?

The song is about making the world a better place ("I want to rise today/And change this world") and raises the question "Was the enemy just your brother all along?" Lyrically, it is one of the band's most uplifting songs.

Band’s Official Website: Alter Bridge

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Alter Bridge

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