Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bomfunk Mc’s – Freestyler (album: In Stereo 2011)

This song is by Bomfunk Mc’s. This song was a huge hit back in 2000, I fell in love it instantly when I first heard back when it was released. 11 years later and it’s still a pretty cool song.

I started going out to clubs when I was about 11 years old. Quite a young age for clubbing but where I lived it was quite common because some really disturbed adults opened clubs especially for kids in these ages. Every Friday night there were buses that picked us up close to where we lived and dropped us off in different clubs. My friends and I used to hang out in two main clubs. We would dress up for the occasion, get some money for soft drinks and dance all night, sometimes we would dance with a cute boy that we met that night. Later on when the party was over the same bus would take us home. None of my class mates used to go out to these clubs because they weren’t allowed to go there, I used to go out with kids from a different school that I’ve met thorough my neighbor that was also my best friend. I used to brag about it to all of my class mates, I felt really important going out to those clubs meeting different kids from different schools. When I look back on it I was way too young to hang out in these clubs especially since I was exposed to horror stories such as stabbings and all kind of things that you are not supposed to know when are only 11 years old. It did contribute to my street wisdom which helped me a lot when I moved to a new city a year after .I’ve always been an independent girl from an early stage and it was just another way to express my freedom at a young age. I don’t regret it; I got some really stupid memories from it. Check out this cool 2000 song…

Link to the song: Freestyler Bomfunk Mc’s

Lyrics: Freestyler Lyrics

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Bomfunk MC's

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