Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bloc Party – Banquet (album: Silent Alarm 2005)

This song is by Bloc Party. A young group that brings the good old alternative music back to life.
I have no idea what’s this song about, who cares as long as the music is cool. Now for something completely different, I’ll tell you about how one of my best friend’s covered the entire school with Graffiti. She has written lines from songs of a famous rock star. She and a couple of other friends sneaked into our high school at night time and sprayed the entire outside walls. She never told us about it though. I was 16 back then and I went to school as usual and when I got to school I saw the Graffiti everywhere, she didn’t leave any white spots on the walls. It was covered with paint everywhere. Everyone was whispering about who has done it, all of us had speculations about it. We blamed each other. I just couldn’t believe that my friend actually took part of it. She is crazy and all but that was way too wild for anyone. Of course we found out it was her after the school principal got the police involved. We all had to be checked by the police. My friend was caught because she still had some paint stuck to her nails, she couldn’t take it off. It was quite funny! The school didn’t press any charges but they asked my friend to clean the graffiti from the walls. It was quite a big job for one person so everyone volunteered to help out. I couldn’t take part of the cleaning because back then her parents thought that I was a bad influence so she wasn’t allowed to hang out with me while they were around. they got over it a few months after but at the time I had to stay away from her. She was actually the bad influence. She was way more disturbed than me but because we had a really shitty teacher that was trying to break us up, she rang her parents and said that I’m a bad influence and that they should keep her away from me. She did the same thing with my parents; she called them in and said that another guy friend that I had back then was a bad influence and that I should stay away from him. My parents were smart enough not to listen to that bitch. Years later I’ve worked in a bank as a personal banker and this teacher was one of my clients, it was payback time and I did everything I could to make her life miserable! And that’s my story for today, check out this wonderful song…

Link to the song: Banquet Bloc Party

Lyrics: Banquet Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Bloc Party

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Bloc Party

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