Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Regurgitator – My Friend Robot (album: Mish Mash! 2004)

This next song is by the Aussie band Regurgitator. Really cool band that combines so many styles, I can’t really label them. My hubby introduces them to me years and years ago. In 2008 we went with friends to Devo concert in Sydney and they were the support group. Their show was unbelievable, it was an amazing experience. After they were finished and Devo came on, we just decided to leave since their performance was so wonderful. We weren’t interested in seeing Devo anymore.

This song is about a robot friend. It’s about a true friend that will always be by your side no matter what. I had a dog named Bimbo RIP that was an unbelievable friend he was always there for me, he was so cleaver, he could feel when I was upset or happy, and he understood everything. I loved him very much! Every time I think of him, it makes me really upset because he had quite a tough life before we took him on. When he was a puppy he was abused by his previous owner and when we got him he had a lot of fears and he wouldn’t trust anyone outside our family so no one else could pet him or get near him. There were a few friends of mine that he couldn’t stand so he wouldn’t stop barking at them or even try to bite them; funny thing is that he was just a small mixed poodle. He also didn’t want to be on the leash and it was impossible to take him for a walk. When he reached 7 years, he got really sick with kidney stones but he didn’t want any treatment, we couldn’t make him take any medicine. He became very miserable and he suffered a lot. He would open the gate of our house and go outside for a walk by himself. The issue was that my parents kept paying for fines because dogs are not allowed to walk by themselves in my town. At some point my parents decided to put him in a dog shelter. It was the most horrible day of my life, I was so upset. A week after , my Mum got upset as well and my parents went back to the shelter to get him but it was already too late and he was gone. Every time I think about him it makes me cry and I could never get over it. I feel like I let him down, he was my best friend and I wasn’t there to save him at the end, I couldn’t really impact my parents’ decision as I left the house years ago. I keep hoping that there is a life after death because I can’t bear the thought that we’ll never meet again I’m hoping that one day I can be a true friend to him as well. Check out this song about a true friend…

Link to the song: My Friend Robot Regurgitator

Lyrics: My Friend Robot Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Regurgitator

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Regurgitator

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