Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill (album: A Beautiful Lie 2006)

This song is by 30 seconds to mars. It’s the actor’s Jared Leto band. He is not just a hot Hollywood actor! He also plays the guitar, writes songs and shouts pretty well. They have quite a few great songs that are worth listening to. This is an awesome song because it’s about accepting who you are and stop wanting to change yourself which I personally can relate to and I’m sure most people do.  

When I was a child my best friend was a very beautiful girl, she was very loved by everyone and she did well at school. I always felt like I’m living in her shadow. One day we both went to second year ballet tests, she had previous experience and I’ve never danced in my life. She got accepted and I didn’t make the cut. I was only 8 years old but I was devastated, this was my first taste of failure in life. I wasn’t really interested in dancing; I’ve already mentioned before that I was quite a tomboy. but the fact that she made it and I didn’t completely broke me. I’ve always compared myself to her and it made me very miserable and quite abusive to some other kids. I also used to make up stories about things that never happened, stories that would make me a little bit more special. When I was 12 we’ve moved to a new town. When I got to the new town, I made a decision to accept who I am and never lie again about who I am or what I am. It was my moving to a new town resolution. It was working perfectly for me, I’ve met new friends which I never felt that they were better of me, I’ve also met another friend that was much more beautiful than the friend I had before but that wasn’t a problem for me anymore, I’ve learned to accept who I am and focusing on myself made me realize that I have a lot to offer. I’ve learned that life is too short to linger on what you don’t have. Today the most important thing in life for me is love, health and music, all the rest is bullocks! Check out this beautiful song…

yrics: The Kill 30 Seconds to Mars

What’s this song about?
Jared Leto described the meaning of the song as, "It's really about a relationship with yourself. It's about confronting your fear and confronting the truth about who you are." He has also said it is about "confrontation as a crossroads" — coming face-to-face with who you really are. (Wikipedia – The Kill)

Band’s Official Website: 30 Seconds to Mars

Info about the band: Wikipedia - 30 Seconds to Mars

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