Friday, April 8, 2011

Nickelback – Savin’ Me (album: All the Right Reasons 2006)

This song is by Nickelback. They are such a cool band and their lead singer Chad Kroeger is an awesome vocalist. This song is so amazing!!! And the video clip is breathtaking!

For me this song is about that special person in your life that balance you when you feel completely lost or when you accidently take some wrong turns. That person will always be there to save you from yourself and get you back on hubby is definitely my guardian angel, I tend to get into moods and get cranky about really stupid things – cause I’m a girl and we really enjoy our little dramas. He always put things in the right perspective. He is such a happy person and I learn a lot from being around him. Check out this magical song …

Link to the song: Savin Me Nickleback

Lyrics: Savin’ Me Lyrics

What’s this song about?
There has been a lot of discussion and debate into who exactly the song is "calling out for". Some believe for it to be a lover of the protagonist, while some believe it to have religious meaning, with themes of forgiveness and redemption, with lyrics such as "Heaven's gates won't open up to me" and "teach me wrong from right". So far Nickelback has not specifically addressed this uncertainty. (Savin’ Me)

Band’s Official Website: Nickelback

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Nickelback

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