Saturday, April 9, 2011

John Butler Trio – Better than (album: Grand National 2007)

This song is by the Aussie Band John Butler Trio. There are pretty cool and the way John Butler plays the guitar is unbelievable! We’ve seen them perform live on Live Earth Concert back in 2007 and they were the highlight of the show! There is something really special about this hippie dude!

This song is about being happy with what you got and stop wanting what other people have. It’s about being thankful for everything you have and achieved and this is another one of my life’s mottos.

Now for something completely different - John Butler Trio has a song called “Peaches & Cream” which reminds me of a funny story about Peaches. One of my oldest friends is allergic to Peaches. She is so allergic to it that she can actually choke up and die if a piece of a peach gets even near her. I grew up in a little town that had nothing to offer and we were very bored teenagers. We used to travel to the big cities by hitchhiking. One day we caught a ride with a truck that was carrying boxes filled with nothing but Peaches, great big juicy peaches! My friend sat behind the driver and next to her seat were the boxes of peaches and a few toilet paper rolls. At some point the truck driver was accelerating and the peaches were thrown out of the boxes and landed right on my friend. At the same time the toilet roll decided to join the party and landed on my friend, the driver was going really fast and by end of the trip my friend was covered with peaches and toilet paper, she looked like a mummy and she couldn’t move because she was terrified of the peaches. It was just the most hilarious thing ever. It was a story that we couldn’t stop telling because the irony was too much to handle. This song is for you T ;)

Link to the song: Better Than John Butler Trio


Lyrics: John Butler Trio – Better than

Band’s Official Website: John Butler Trio

Info about the band: Wikipedia - John Butler Trio

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