Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faith No More – Ashes to Ashes (album: Album of the Year 1998)

This next song is by Faith No More. I’ve always thought they were a good band; they had such good songs and covers as well. Their lead singer Mike Patton is an amazing vocalist. I actually discovered this song when my hubby was playing with a band and they were covering this song. I fell in love with it instantly! My hubby plays it so well on his guitar ;) I think “album of the year” is quite a sophisticated album name, makes you want to listen to it.

Not sure if FNM meant anything in this song, the lyrics don’t make sense at all but it might be about taking responsibility and blame over something that you have done wrong. “I want them to know it’s me, it’s on my head...” the all idea of this song is the music so I hope you enjoy it...

Link to the Song: Ashes to Ashes Faith No More

Lyrics: Ashes to Ashes Lyrics

What’s this song about?
When asked about the song, Billy Gould replied:
The bulk of that song was written the first week. We arranged it here, and then we sent Patton a tape. He was in Italy, but he came up with the lyrics and the singing right away. It was one of those songs that just clicked -- one of those songs that we do most naturally. That's our sound. Wikipedia – Ashes to Ashes
Band’s Official Website: Faith No More

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Faith No More

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