Friday, March 4, 2011

The Raconteurs – Steady as she goes (album: Broken Boy Soldiers 2006)

This song is by The Raconteurs a group that was formed by Jack White in 2005. Right after Jack White and Brenan Benson completed writing this song together they have decided to form a band. As you can see, Jack White is a very busy man forming a few bands and having a solo career at the same time, what a legend!!! I wonder if he has any time to sleep in between... anyway this is a great song, very catchy and very good.

This song obviously talks about a man’s fear of commitment. I know a lot of Men that suffer from this Phobia. I believe that if the relationship is good before, there is no reason for it to change after marriage. If you marry your best friend then nothing could go wrong. Of course people change with time but you both grow together and if you spend time together and never take the other side for granted then it will get even better after marriage. My hubby and I were close before we got married and we are very close to each other today. We share our love for music and humour and that’s the core of everything. He will always be my best friend and a stupid piece of paper won’t change it. Check out this cool song...

Link to the Song: Steady as she goes The Raconteurs

Lyrics: Steady as she goes Lyrics

What’s this song about?
Here is a comment from Songfacts website:
In an interview to Uncut magazine White said that the song was written about a year before his marriage. He added that the song is asking a question,” Is doing that – getting married and settling down – starting a new life or is it giving up? “

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