Sunday, January 9, 2011

Live – Lightning Crashes (album: Throwing Copper 1994)

This song is by Live. When I first heard this band on the radio I had to get the CD immediately. I couldn’t stop listening to it. Unfortunately I couldn’t share my love for Live with anyone since none of the people I know heard about them or were interested to listen. When I first started going out with my hubby I found a CD of Live in his apartment. It was a very exciting discovery for both of us!!!
Link to the song: Lightning Crashes Live
Video clip:

Lyrics: Lightning Crashes Lyrics

Band’s official website: Live 
What’s this song about?
This song was written by Live Lead singer Ed Kowalczyk and this is his comment about the song:
"While the clip is shot in a home environment, I envisioned it taking place in a hospital, where all these simultaneous deaths and births are going on, one family mourning the loss of a woman while a screaming baby emerges from a young mother in another room. Nobody's dying in the act of childbirth, as some viewers think. What you're seeing is actually a happy ending based on a kind of transference of life. The dedication to Barbara Lewis (a classmate who was killed by a drunk driver in 1993 who was fleeing from the police after a robbery in York, Pennsylvania; Barbara had many of her organs donated including a liver to a 10 month old baby) came after the song was written. But it was something that we hoped would honor the memory of a girl we grew up with and help her family cope with sorrow – which it seems to have accomplished – in a fashion in keeping with the theme of the song." (Wikipedia – Lightning Crashes)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Live

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