Friday, April 1, 2011

Foo Fighters – The pretender (album: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace 2007)

This song is by Foo Fighters. A band that was formed by Dave Grohl Nirvana’s Drummer. The guy plays the drums, Guitar and he sings. He is such a talented dude he could have formed a one man band if he wanted. This is such a masterpiece! The music in this song is just perfect!
My interpretation of the lyrics is that this song is about conniving politicians everywhere in the world and how we, simple citizens are kept in the dark with their lies and manipulative ways and we are constantly struggling while they are making money and gaining more power on our expense. I had to get it off my chest...feeling much better now! I hope you enjoy this song...

Link to the song: The Pretender Foo Fighters

Lyrics: The pretender Lyrics

What’s this song about?
In a 2007 interview with XFM, frontman Dave Grohl stopped short of explaining the meaning behind "The Pretender", but alluded its roots go to current political unrest. Grohl noted,
"That's the thing with lyrics, you never want to give away specifics, because it's nice for people to have their own idea or interpretation of the song. But, you know, everyone's been fucked over before and I think a lot of people feel fucked over right now and they're not getting what they were promised, and so something to do with that.”(Wikipedia – The Pretender)

Band’s Official Website: Foo Fighters

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Foo Fighters

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