Monday, July 4, 2011

Screaming Trees – Nearly lost you (album: Sweet Oblivion 1993)

This next song is by Screaming Trees. They were one of the bands that started Seattle Grunge movement back in the late 80’s.  You probably noticed I’m really into Grunge music, I’ve discovered it in an early age and I never got enough of it. This is such a great song, I fell in love with it instantly when it was released. This song was included in the soundtrack of the movie “Singles” I watched this movie several times because the soundtrack is all about Grunge music with most of my favourite bands and it is just awesome. The movie itself features Pearl Jam members, Chris Cornell and a performance of Alice In Chains. The movie is quite crappy but it’s worth watching if you are into the Seattle Grunge Scene.  
As I’ve mentioned before, I have discovered the Grunge movement right after Pearl Jam released their second album Vs. my sister bought their two albums Ten and Vs. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I never heard anything like it. Back then I was into Heavy Metal and this was something completely different that was quite heavy but was definitely not heavy metal. They didn’t have the look or anything that comes with it. I’ve decided to do a little research. I remember going to my favourite record shop called the “Junk”,I used to spend a lot of time in this shop. I used to travel by bus all by myself it was my special alone time. That’s where I bought my first Soundgaren & Alice in Chains albums and many more albums. That was a great discovery of great bands and sounds . That’s it, back to this awesome song , check it out…

Lyrics: Nearly Lost You Lyrics

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Screaming Trees

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