Sunday, July 31, 2011

Children Collide – Social Currency (album: The Long Now 2008)

This next song is by Children Collide. It is such an awesome song. I dedicate it to the social revolution that is currently happening in Israel.

Hundred Thousands of people in Israel march in cities across Israel to protest against the high cost of living, the ridicules prices of housing, cost of food, fuel ,health and education. This is the biggest social protest ever been in the country. Some of them have lived in tents for the past two weeks all in the name of the social justice. The growing gap between the rich and the poor is a real glad that finally people are willing to fight for their elementary rights. I’m hoping that this rally will make a difference and Israel will become a country that is good to live in. I am quite impressed by the amount of people that came out of their comfort zone and participate in this social fight. What made me more impressed is the difference between a social revolution in the rest of the Middle East countries such as Egypt, Libya, Syria and the revolution in Israel. All governments in the Arab countries were fighting back and it escalated to violence with many people killed and other injured. as opposed to the Israeli crowd which has been out in the streets for the past two weeks and so far there weren’t any reports of violent incidents. This emphasizes the cultural differences between Israel and the rest of the Middle East countries which is the main reason for the fight between the Israelis and the Arabs. This cultural gap unfortunately will never be resolved due to ego issues from both sides. Ok back to the song, I hope you enjoy it and Viva La Revolution!

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Lyrics: Social Currency Lyrics

Tonight                                                                                                                Is gonna be the night
The night you finally win
Finally win the fight
And today
Is gonna be the day
The day you finally break
Finally break away”

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