Monday, July 25, 2011

12 Stones – Bitter (album: Potter's Field 2004)

This song is by 12 Stones. I don’t know what this song is about, The music is pretty good so who cares what they are singing about!
Speaking of mothers , I’ll tell you about a guy that I’ve dated in the army which btw my mum didn’t really approved…anyway , I started seeing this guy from my Army Unit and I knew nothing about him. I knew his first name and last name but what I didn’t know at the time that his parents were divorced and he kept his Dad’s name and his mother changed her last name back to her maiden day he didn’t show up to the unit because his mum was in hospital. In the army you have to have a doctor certificate and a really damn good excuse not to show up. He kept faxing a hospital certificate to our main office so he can have the day off. Back then I was the senior secretary of the Unit Commander and as part of my daily duties I had to monitor the fax machine. I kept receiving these faxes that looked like a hospital certificate with a Lady’s name that I didn’t recognize. No one in my unit had this surname. Instead of asking who it belongs to, I assumed it was faxed to our office by mistake and I’ve binned it, quite an easy solution. He kept faxing the certificates and I chucked away all of those faxes he sent. At the same time his officer thought he was lying so he decided to punish him once he comes back to the base. When this guy returned to the unit he got 2 days detention. Since he lived next to the base he used to go home every day. I lived 6 hours from the base so I had to stay for the entire week. It was quite nice that he got the detention because he got to spend more time with me. At that time I didn’t know anything about his family and I couldn’t understand how I didn’t get the faxes he sent to his officer, he kept calling me every time he sent a fax to confirm that I’ve received it and I kept saying that I didn’t. Two weeks after this incident, he invited me over to his house. When we got to his house I saw a sign on the door with his mother’s name. I recognized the name from the faxes I’ve binned on that day. I’ve realized that I was the reason he got the 2 days detention! It was quite funny, I was giggling to myself, hoping he will never find out about it. I ended up seeing this guy for 7 months and never once mentioned this story to him. Luckily he doesn’t read my blog…check out this awesome song…

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