Friday, June 10, 2011

Evanescence – Bring me to Life (album: Fallen 2003)

This song is by Evanescence. Their lead singer Amy Lee is amazing, she has such an amazing voice and she is very pretty as well. This song talks about an encounter she had with a man she didn’t know in a restaurant that asked her if she was happy, she thought he was a clairvoyant because at the time she was very miserable stuck in a bad relationship but she was trying to hide her feelings and she felt like this stranger can see right through her and read her thoughts. This story inspired her to write the lyrics.

Speaking of clairvoyant, one of my girlfriends always had some kind of special powers; at least that’s what we believed. I’ve already mentioned her in my previous posts when I was discussing the weegie board experience. I have another story that quite scared us all and I could never get it off my head. My friend and I were in the same class and the entire class went on a field trip. My friend was making a lot of noise in the back of the bus and the school’s bus driver got really irritated and asked her to keep quiet. Because she was very naughty she started swearing at the bus driver and it got to a point where both of them started swearing at each other, there was a lot of yelling going on between them and right at the end, before my friend got off the bus she turned to the bus driver and said the following words: “I hope you die, I hope you won’t wake up tomorrow morning…” You can probably guess what happened next, the following morning we heard that the bus driver had died in his sleep. This is a true story! It was a complete shock because the whole town was mourning his death since everybody knew him. My friend blamed herself, she was devastated. Later on we found out that he wasn’t a healthy man and he had a heart failure but the timing couldn’t be worst! A year after my friend was working in a fast food chain and the daughter of the bus driver also started to work there. My friend felt so bad, she couldn’t look her in the eye. Of course it was a coincidence but quite a spooky one .Amy Lee reminds me of her, they look similar. Anyway, check out this cool song…

Link to the song: Bring me to life Evanescence

Lyrics: Bring me to life Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Lead vocalist, Amy Lee, has stated that the song has several meanings, the first being about an incident that took place at a restaurant. "I was inspired to write it when someone said something to me — I didn’t know him, and I thought he might be clairvoyant," says Lee from a tour stop in Tulsa to The Boston Phoenix. "I was in a relationship and I was completely unhappy. But I was hiding it. I was being completely abused and I was trying to cover it up; I wouldn’t even admit it to myself. So then I had spoken maybe 10 or 15 words to this guy, who was a friend of a friend. We were waiting for everyone else to show up, and we went into a restaurant and got a table. And he looked at me and said, ‘Are you happy?’ And I felt my heart leap, and I was like, he totally knows what I’m thinking. And I lied, I said I was fine. Anyway, he’s not really clairvoyant. But he is a sociology major." (Wikipedia – Bring me to life)

Band’s Official Website: Evanescence

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Evanescence

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