Thursday, April 21, 2011

MGMT – Kids (album: Oracular Spectacular 2008)

This song is by MGMT.  It’s such a cool song. It’s a song about how every one of us was a kid at some point, free from responsibilities whatsoever and for us to remember that even bad people that do horrible things were once naive little children with no intentions to harm anyone. Although sometimes kids can be very evil and leave other kids with long term scars which would eventually impact on their adult’s life. I believe every one of us has been bullied another kid at least once in his lifetime by .

But I think MGMT meant childhood in a good way where everything is still fresh and new and fun and there aren’t any worries or concerns. Good times! BTW, they completely abuse the baby in their video clip, It’s quite funny. I guess after this experience he won’t be scared of anything anymore...Check out this awesome song...

 Lyrics: Kids Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from songfacts:

VanWyngarden told Mojo May 2010 that Goldwasser “wrote the music for ‘Kids’ when he was 19, drunk in his dorm room. Then I wrote the lyrics on my 20th birthday, the night that we were gonna play it to people for the first time.I know that they’re vaguely inspired by David Byrne’s nostalgic lyrics , but it doesnt make any sense.” He added: “ I remember that I was thinking about musicians as having big voice, and what are they gonna do with it? I was thinking we’d get everybody to realise that we’re all little kids at some point – people that are evil and doing hideous stuff right now , like George Bush or whoever , they were once little innocent beings. Something like that. I’m glad that people like it. It’s a catchy song”

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Info about the band: Wikipedia - MGMT

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