Friday, April 29, 2011

Bliss N Eso – Down by the River (album: Running on Air 2010)

This next song is by the Aussie band Blis N Eso. I’ve mentioned already that I’m not into Hip Hop music, not at all but there are some exceptions. This song is definitely one of the. It’s a pretty cool song. My hubby and our friend love this band, that’s how I was exposed to this song. I just feel like jumping up and down whenever I listen to it.
Sounds like this song is about wakeboarding which really fuels your fire and takes you higher, Wake boarding is pretty cool, I’ve tried it once with my hubby and I really enjoyed it. My hubby is quite an expert already, I love seeing him on the board. He is also very much into Kite Surfing and he is really good at it, he’s been surfing for years now. He jumps really high up and it’s fun to watch him, I usually just take photos and enjoy seeing him having fun – It’s too extreme for me and I’m pretty sure if I’ll decide to try it , I will probably crash into a building or just get eaten by a shark!  Anyway check out this cool song...

 Link to the song:  Down by the River Bliss N Eso

Lyrics: Down by The River Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Bliss N Eso

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Bliss n Eso