Monday, March 7, 2011

Queen of Stone Age – Go with the Flow (album: Songs for the Deaf 2002)

This song is by Queen of Stone Age. This is a great album, sounds very Grunge style but still very unique. Dave Grohl (Nirvana’s Drummer and Foo Fighters Frotman) replaced their drummer just for this album. He even toured with them for awhile. I love this song very much, Great Music and unbelievable video clip.

I think this song talks about women & men that have casual sex with different people just for the sake of sex, they go with the flow. They would probably say that that’s what they want in their life but all they really want is to be loved by someone and the act of sex with anyone is there fulfilment of quick love affair because they can’t seem to find the real thing. I had a friend like that; she was sleeping around and bragging about it. Knowing her personal history we all thought that it’s a phase that she is going through and she just wants to get some attention. Check out this song...

Link to the song: Go with the Flow Queen of Stone age

Lyrics: Go with the Flow Lyrics

Band’s Official Website: Queen of Stone Age
Info about the band: Wikipedia - Queens of the Stone Age

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