Monday, March 14, 2011

The Killers – When You Were Young (album: Sam’s Town 2006)

This song is by The Killers, They crack me up with their lyrics, quite funny. Their music is amazing. The first time I’ve heard them is when they have released their song “Somebody told me”, I was very impressed. I’ve been following their career since then. We’ve seen them perform live in Festival V and they were very good.

This song is about facing the reality as a grown person, looking back and remembering all the dreams that you had when you were young. When I was about 20, I’ve written down a story about my friends and I and I’ve described what each of us is going to do in the future. One friend was interested in studding Psychology. She was a very motherly figure, very gentle and she used to analyse us all the time, she was the one that always took care of us, especially me. Another friend was always in the centre of everything and used to make us laugh all the time, great comedian. She was an excellent actress. She always wanted to get famous and be part of the movie or theatre industry. I always wanted to be a singer but when I’ve reached 20 I’ve realized that I’ll have to give up this dream so I wanted to study to be an accountant so I can make some money. We all ended up in different directions. The psychologist became an amazing artist, she was always very creative. I think it suits her perfectly because she is very good in her job! The actress did have a television show and my mum used to love watching her every time she was on. Eventually she gave it up and started a career as a real estate agent in a family business. Again, she is probably one hell of sales person because she always knew how to sell herself. I actually ended up in the finance industry not as an accountant though – thank god for that! Never really enjoyed it but I’ve survived. The great thing about my job is that I don’t really work that hard so I get to focus on my hobbies. One of them is this blog. Funny how things change and even though you choose different path it all works out at the end ;) this song is dedicated to both A & T . I think we all turned out just fine...

Link to the song: When You Were Young The Killers

Lyrics: When You Were Young Lyrics

What’s this about?
According to “songfacts” website this is about growing up and moving on in the world, leaving the past behind you. It deals with how your perceptions change as you look back on your youth.

Band’s Official Website: The Killers

Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Killers

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