Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scorpions – Always Somewhere (album: Lovedrive 1979)

This song is by scorpions. They are the masters of heavy metal ballads. Every time I felt like listening to love songs I would put their ballads on the background. I love this song very much. My hubby plays is so nicely on the guitar. I just love it when he plays it for me.
This song is probably them missing their love ones while touring around the world. I remember when my hubby was travelling to Japan for 2 weeks, I missed him so much, and he decided to surprise me by returning a week earlier. I went with friends to get a Subway for lunch and as I ordered my sandwich I felt like someone is pushing me from behind , I’ve turned around to confront him and I see my hubby standing there. It was such an awesome surprise! Of course he paid for my sandwich... and my drink ;) check out this cool love song...

Link to the song: Always Somewhere Scorpions

The story behind the album cover:
The cover depicted a man and woman in formalwear seated in the back of a car, with one of the woman's breasts exposed and connected to the man's hand by stretched bubblegum.  It caused some controversy upon the album's release and was subsequently banned.
In a 2010 interview singer Klaus Meine commented on the album cover stating, "we just did not know it would be a problem in America, it was just sex and rock n roll. It is odd that in America that some of these covers were a problem because in the 80’s when we would tour here we always had boobs flashed to us at the front of the stage. Nowhere else in the world, just here.  (Wikipedia – Lovedrive)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Scorpions

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