Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bauhaus – Slice of Life (album: Burning from the Inside 1983)

This next song is by the English band Bauhaus. I was exploring them in my Alternative rock period. They are awesome. Peter Murphy was their lead singer and you already know I love him. This is one of their most famous songs. As a teenager, I use to go out to clubs that played alternative music and they were always playing the Bauhaus. My hubby was hanging around the same clubs, how could we have missed each other?!?

This song talks about situations in life and how nothing really matters, at the end of the day we are all facing the same problem and there is only one truth - we are all going to die some day and I quote:  “ so I lied to you once again so I painted over you once again so I die before you once again what’s the difference” Check out this deep and wonderful song...

Link to the song: Slice of Life Bauhaus

The story behind this album:
During the recording of the album, singer Peter Murphy was gravely ill, leaving the rest of the band to undertake much of the writing and recording process without him. As evidence of how much input the rest of the band had on the album, bassist David J and guitarist Daniel Ash sang lead vocals on a number of songs. This, combined with the fact that the band started recording without Peter, led to internal difficulties, and by the time the album was released, they had already broken up. (Wikipedia – Burning from the Inside)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Bauhaus


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