Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stereophonics – Mr Writer (album: Just Enough Education to Perform 2001)

This song is by Stereophonics, such a great band and the lead singer Kelly Jones has a unique voice. We started listening to this band more seriously right after my hubby and I went to purchase our first TV a few years back. They were showing the video clip of “Dakota” in the shop and after that we both did some research on the band.  This song is my Hubby’s favourite.

Link to the song: Mr Writer Stereophonics
Video clip:

Lyrics: Mr Writer Lyrics

Live video:

What’s this song about?

It was written in response to a journalist who had toured with the band and had later given them negative reviews. The song has been attributed as one of the factors that have caused the group's uneasy relationship with the media. (Wikipedia – Mr. Writer)

Band’s Official Website: Stereophonics

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Stereophonics

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