Saturday, January 22, 2011

Powderfinger – My Kind of Scene (album: Odyssey Number Five 2000)

This is a song by my favourite Aussie band Powderfinger. My Husband introduces them to me when he came back from his first visit in Australia. I was amazed by them and couldn’t stop listening to their songs. A few years later my husband and I went to see their concert in Sydney and they were even better in live performance. They remind me of Led Zeppelin, they have this good old 70’s rock style although in my opinion Bernard Fanning is a better vocalist than Robert Plant.
I use to listen to this song on my way to work on the train, made me think about my 9 to 5 dead end job and where it is leading me, pure frustration!!! Although once I got to the office I would forget all about it until the next day on the train... 

Band’s Official Website: Powderfinger
Info about the band: Wikipedia - Powderfinger

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