Monday, January 24, 2011

Led Zeppelin – Thank you (album: Led Zeppelin II 1969)

This next song is by Led Zeppelin, my favourite band of all times. Back when I was 16 years old I’ve collected everything that I could get my hands on, went twice to see “Physical Graffiti‘s“(cover band) concert. I even took one of my sister’s best records behind her back and traded it with an original Led Zeppelin record. It’s a great opportunity to apologize to her for that, sorry sis it was for a good cause plus this record probably worth millions today, I promise to share the money with you if I ever decide to sell it ;)
This is their greatest love song: “if the sun refused to shine, I will still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me...”
Link to the song: Thank You Led Zeppelin

Lyrics: Thank You Lyrics

Chris Cornell Live Cover:

What’s this song about?
"Thank You" signaled a deeper involvement in songwriting by singer Robert Plant, being the first Led Zeppelin song that he wrote all the lyrics for. According to various Led Zeppelin biographies, this is also the song that made Jimmy Page realize that Plant could now handle writing the majority of the lyrics for the band's songs. Plant wrote the song as a tribute to his then-wife Maureen. (Wikipedia – Thank You)

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Led Zeppelin


  1. Dear Adi,
    it is good to find out after all these years,that you took one of my records , can i ask you wich of them you t
    ? :-).

    my Buatiful sister, you have a great site. you made me hear music again and cling to nostaliga. keep on going. love you.
    your sister from Irael

  2. hahahaha ;) It was one of your Shlomo Artzi records. oops , didn't think you would miss it.