Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gun – Word Up (album: Swagger 1994)

This song is a cover song by Gun. It is such a nice cover for the Hip Hop song by Cameo. I’ve also included Korn’s version which is pretty good as well.

Speaking of guns I’ll continue my Army adventures. When I was in the army I was dating a guy from my unit. One weekend we drove from the base to his house and we took one of his friends from our unit with us. During the drive, his friend kept slapping the back of my head. I asked him to stop but he wouldn’t stop. My boyfriend then asked him to stop as well but he was an annoying guy so he wouldn’t stop. At the same time I was holding a closed can of coke. I thorough the can of coke towards him but I missed him in an inch, I used it as a warning. The guy completely went mad and through the can of coke in my face and he didn’t miss. He hit me in my right eye and it was very painful. My eye was completely swollen and red and I looked horrible. We drove to the hospital because it looked and felt pretty serious. Eventually there was no damage to my eye but it looked like I’ve been bashed pretty hard. When I came back to the base after the weekend, the lieutenant commander asked me how I got my bruised eye. My answer was “I fell down the stairs”. Of course he didn’t believe me and he wanted to know who did that to me. I didn’t want to snitch on this guy because he was my boyfriend’s friend and also I knew that if I will tell the truth he would go on trial and be punished. That’s the way it works in the army. For a week I was being hassled by My Lieutenant commander. He kept asking who did that to me and I kept saying that I fell down the stairs. At some point he got really irritated and told me that If I won’t tell him the name of the person who did that to me then he will trail me for “damaging the army’s property” and if you are wondering which property he was referring to then that would be – me , I was the army’s property!!! I was very annoyed to find out that I was a property and in addition to my physical suffering I will have to be punished for someone else’s stupidity. Of course at this point the guy already confessed to the Lieutenant and he also escaped a punishment. The Lieutenant commander was just an asshole that wanted to break my spirit, thank god this guy finally told the truth, a few more threats and I would have sold the entire unit. Anyway check out this cool song…

Lyrics: Word Up Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from Songfacts website:

"Word Up" is a saying that was popular in New York and other urban areas in the US that acted as an affirmation of what was said, kind of a hipper "You Bet." Cameo developed a character around the saying and wrote the lyrics about what he would say. They called the character "Vicious" and had him take out his frustrations on rappers who delve into psychodrama when they should be creating music you can dance to: "Give us music, we can that, we need to dance. We don't need that type of psychological romance."

Band’s Official Website: Gun

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Gun

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