Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Babes in Toyland – won’t tell (album: Babes in Toyland 1992

This song is by Babes in Toyland. They have such a cool band name. This song brings back all the memories of the alternative rock clubs that I used to go to , they used to play Babes In Toyland all the time. I had a friend that was a huge fan as well. It’s cool to see girls make alternative rock music, I’m very jealous! 

When I was about 15, I used to go out to a club that was in my Hubby’s town. His town was 20 min drive from where I lived. My Hubby used to go out to the same club. I didn’t know my Hubby back then but we were both hanging around in the same clubs. The boys will always get into fights and one night as I was sitting next to a table there was a guy thrown by another guy and landed on my table. I remembered it because this fight was quite brutal and I was quite scared for my own life. Years later I’ve discovered that the guy that landed on my table was my hubby! That was quite an amazing discovery. He was always getting into fights back then, he quite enjoyed it. It’s a waste we didn’t meet back then when we were teenagers, we could have done some damage together and that could have been fun fun fun !!! Check out this cool tough girl’s song…

Link to the song: won’t tell Babes in Toyland

Lyrics: Babes In Toyland

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Babes in Toyland

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