Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thirsty Merc – In the summertime (album: Thirsty Merc 2005)

This song is by the Aussie band Thirsty Merc. I’ve seen them perform when I was working close to Martin Place Sydney back in December 2005. I took a long lunch break, met with my friends that also worked in the city and went to see their free surprise gig. They were awesome and it was one of the best lunch breaks I’ve ever had.

This is such a good song , it is the theme song of the tv show Bondi Rescue. Bondi Beach is my favorite place in the whole world ! this song is about the Australian summertime and about how nothing really matters except for having fun and relax:” I don't have a job I never liked them I just wanna play in the sunshine” where I live in Qld, it’s always nice and sunny even in winter and we have the most amazing ocean view from our balcony which I never get tired of, I can spend my entire day just watching the waves, unfortunately I have to go to work in between! I’m definitely a summer person. I can’t stand cold and gloomy weather. It makes me really sad. “Gimme a chance I'll do my best to kick and scream and dance when winter comes I'll turn around” , This song is for my Friend UV that loves hot sunny weather and was also with me at Thirsty Merc’s concert – Hope you enjoy this awesome weather song...

Link to the song: In the summertime Thirsty Merc

Lyrics: In the Summertime Lyrics

What’s this song about?

The track is a tribute to the Australian summer and is a reflection of the laidback Aussie style and is used as the theme song for the Australian television program, Bondi Rescue, which airs on Network Ten. (Wikipedia – In the summertime)

Band’s Official Website: Thirsty Merc

Info about the band: Wikipedia - Thirsty Merc

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