Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Rasmus – In The Shadows (album: Dead Letters 2003)

This song is by the Finnish Rock band The Rasmus. I love this song very much. Cool music and awesome lyrics. Their lead singer looks like the male version of Björk.
This song reminds me that I’m living in the shadows all the time because I’ve never managed to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing when I was growing up. I’ve always wanted to be a singer; I started singing when I was maybe 2 years old and never really stopped. I’ve always wanted to play the drums and a guitar as well. My parents promised to buy me a guitar when I was about 14 but because I was very naughty back then they have decided that they wouldn’t buy it for me and to be honest with everything that I’ve put them through I totally agree with their decision. Today after 20 years thanks to my hubby I’ve started playing the guitar and it’s the most divine experience I’ve ever had, my hubby teaches me everything and I enjoy our lessons together and sometimes we manage to Jam together which is just the highest feeling ever. And about the singing – I practice in the shower all the time and I must say that the bathroom walls are the best audience I’ve ever had so far. Check out this cool song...

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