Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Temper trap - sweet disposition (album: Conditions 2008)

 This song is by the Aussie band The Temper Trap. It is such a great song. It was featured in the movie 500 days of summer and in other commercials and also a few TV shows.

This song talks about how we adults are scared to do the things we use to do when we were young. When I was a younger, I was pretty brave, I wasn’t scared of anything, I was very curious about everything.  Today, I can’t even understand how I did all those things without even thinking of the consequences. I was pretty cool back then, now I can’t even swim in the ocean without thinking of sharks or just drowning or even go on a rollercoaster and just relax and enjoy it. Growing old sucks ass! I wish I could be like my hubby, He is not scared of anything and he always finds a new challenge, I guess he is going to stay young forever...

This is my favourite line: " Just stay there cause I'll be coming over and while our bloods still young it's so young it runs and we won't stop til it's over won't stop to surrender" Check out this wonderful song...
Link to this song: Sweet Dispostion The Temper Trap

Lyrics: Sweet Disposition Lyrics

What’s this song about?

Here is a comment from Songfacts website:

“When we're young, we act first and think later. But as adults, we rationalize everything. Basically, the song is about capturing the innocence of youth."

Band’s Official Website: The Temper Trap
Info about the band: Wikipedia - The Temper Trap

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